Can you keep a secret?

As stated on my Top 10 Expansions for 2018, I can’t wait for more Unlock! adventures.

And today Asmodee and Space Cowboys have confirmed the newest set of adventures in the series! Told you they were coming 

They seem to have lost the numbering system. The third volume or collection is now known as Unlock: Secret Adventures.

Each adventure is traditionally stand alone (well, traditional with only 6 main stories and a few promo mini-adventures) but the first of the three adventures is the return of Professor Noside from Squeek and Sausage, one of the first games. I am very curious to see if there is any benefit to playing the first story in this one.

Another one I am excited about setting wise is the adventure set in the world of Oz. A large reason why there are so many Cthulu and Holmes types adventures is that they are in the public domain, so basically free established IP for board game designers. While there have been movies and TV shows that have taken advantage of this, I have been surprised by the lack of board games that have followed suit.

The final one seems to be a western adventure set on a train. The byline is about helping the conductor get the goods to the destination, but with a title like Tombstone Express, I am expecting a little bit of excitement along the way.

Unlock: Secret Adventures is due out second quarter 2018.

Check out the announcement on Asmodee’s site here.

Unlock Secret Adventures Box Art
The third Unlock! series has been announced!
The first direct sequel of sorts, NoSide returns from Squeek and Sausage
We're off to see the Wizard!
The most adventurous Unlock! story to date

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