Call of Cthulhu Leather Campaign Journals on Kickstarter

Because even insane players need a place for their thoughts

I quite enjoy my RPG adventures.  I am also partial to the workings of Lovecraft.  Call of Cthulu does indeed merge these two interests, but I am yet to play it.  However, for a new game accessory from Melbourne based TYPE40, I don’t see this being a problem.

One thing all adventures have in common is a chronicle of the journey. Sometimes, this is done by memory (for better or worse), and other times in such minute detail that no inflection is missing.  But you always need somewhere to put your notes, and that is where some new leather campaign journals come in.

Now you can quite rightly say that any piece of paper or notebook will suffice.  I am not suggesting this is something every gamer would need by any means.  One gaming regret I do have is losing the adventures leading to my immortal thief.

It wasn’t losing the book or normal damage, it was just time and many movements with scraps of paper put into an A4 folder.  I am sure that if I did try and read a lot of it now, I wouldn’t be able to remember what the little jots of notes circled or in a margin meant.

But that kind of rediscovery is part of the fun of looking back onto such things, isn’t it?

Call of Cthulhu Leather Journals
Where else would you put your thoughts?

TYPE40 have managed to create a journal that feels like it was lifted directly from the pages of some of H.P. Lovecraft’s works. This has been done partly by the cover designs, but also whats inside.  Some of the pages contain images from the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, adding both immersion and interest before pen hits paper.

Now if you were playing a Call of Cthulhu campaign, some of this can be distracting, but also really cool 🙂

Call of Cthulu Leather Journals Interior
Some gorgeous additions lend to the journals feel

Backers of the campaign even get a challenge coin, something that I feel the player investigators would also appreciate.

There is also the fact that these are just gorgeous notebooks, so any Lovecraftian fan can enjoy using them for day to day notes, or whatever else they wish to jot down.  Speaking of jotting down, two days in they are over halfway to the inclusion of a fountain pen as a stretch goal.  Now, how’s that for immersive?

There are four journals being made available initially, but if things go well more may be coming according to the project.  You can back one of your choice, all four, or the big one.  This includes all four notebooks in a signed slipcase for your journals, signed by Mike Mason of Chaosium.

Personally, I think the Flora and Fauna journal will be my favourite, showing one poor soul’s descent into madness.

But enough of me describing journals to you, check out the Kickstarter project for yourself and see what you think!

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