But I thought that cheaters never prospered? Wrong again!

Monopoly Cheaters Edition has a couple of fun gimmicks, but surely handcuffing someone to the board is making board flips too easy?

Every board gamer hears this one. Someone not into the hobby hears you play games, and you get a variant of “But how many times can you play Monopoly?”, you learn to hate the name.
Monopoly is a game that has been around forever and is pretty safe to say is one of the most commonly played games of all time. It’s the staple gift idea that has found new ways of getting people to buy it again and again. Some of these versions are rethemes, such as popular shows like Big Bang Theory. Some are very different ideas indeed like Monopoly Gamer Edition, created with Nintendo. Monopoly has come a long way in its life, not bad for being based on another game designed to show the evils of capitalism.
The thing is, Monopoly is also one of those games that no one learns to play anymore. Everyone half remembers rules from when they were a kid, taught to them by people that don’t truly remember the rules either. There are so many ‘home rule’ variants out there that are publically accepted as ‘The Rules’, Hasbro has pointed out in a stand-alone document in newer editions that these rules make the game longer than necessary and change the experience. If you play only by the original rules, Monopoly is a game that can be knocked out in 90 minutes and is a fairly complex Euro game at heart. If you play it the way I remember playing it as a kid, it was a weekend affair of hostile negotiations and skullduggery of all kinds.
So what do you do when no one follows the rules? LET THEM CHEAT! That appears to be the idea behind the newest version from Hasbro – Monopoly Cheaters Edition.
I haven’t seen the full rules yet, but there are a few bits and pieces of information around. The Cheaters Edition is almost the same game, with some small tweaks. For example, there are now cheating objectives to add to the gameplay. These objectives all seem to be a risk/reward push your luck type of experience. For example, if you can collect another players rent, you are then rewarded that property for free. But if you’re caught, you pay the owner the value of that property and then go straight to Jail. Going to Jail can also have another twist now – you are handcuffed to the board. This identifies you as in jail, and restricts your movement, making some cheats harder to accomplish.
Other objectives include stealing money from the bank (made easier with no dedicated banker role), moving other players tokens, adding hotels to your property or removing them from others and the time-honoured Monopoly classic of short paying rent you owe.
Apparently, there are also hacked properties in the game. At the moment it looks like there are some spaces cheaper than the standard edition. There isn’t any news on if this hacked effect also includes the title cards though. This could be interesting as the infamous Park Lane could cost next to nothing rent wise. I would also like to know if this is something done as set print changes, or if there is an alternate set that can be snuck in during play.
On the whole, the whole idea of a Cheaters Edition is a novel concept at the very least. While this doesn’t make me want to run out and buy another copy of Monopoly, I can see the appeal for specific game groups to have this in their collection.
The Cheaters Edition is due to be available this year in the US Fall (so Septemberish – maybe in Australia for Christmas?)
Monopoly Cheaters Edition Box Art
I know so many people this is made for
It's the board we all know, but with a few tweaks. Like Handcuffs.
A few examples of the 'cheating rules'. That sentence is always wrong.

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