Burnout Paradise Remastered is coming mid-March!

Why doesn’t Brisbane put mega jump ramps everywhere?  Oh yeah.  Physics and human life. Good call.

Criterion for me absolutely nailed racing games back in the day.  The Burnout games had amazing graphics and ditched the realistic driving of Gran Turismo and whatever Need for Speed was trying to do, and gave you a great arcade-style romp with general mayhem built into the scoring system.

Burnout Paradise added a complete sandbox experience with all the action taking place in the open world Paradise City complete with Guns N’ Roses song as the title song, then went to work on many other projects.

If you haven’t played Burnout Paradise, check out YouTube – there is a lot of fun for everyone.  The gameplay is challenging but easy to pick up.  There are checklists by the truckload for completionists.  There is a tonne of game modes to try, and once you do the mandatory ‘do this’ to unlock a level you can skip any you don’t like.  Also, the soundtrack is amazing even to me that listens primarily to Jazz and 60’s music.

The remaster is coming with almost all of the DLC.  I do kind of remember another couple of packs, but the important two for me are there.  Big Surf Island opens up more of the map for you, giving you many more places to explore.  And the Legendary Cars DLC, that gives you a reskinned DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future II called the Jansen 88 Special.  The Jansen 88 leaves fiery tyre trails when you boost, and also has an alternate hover mode to fly around in style!  You can see the Jansen in the video below for those that are curious.

Honestly, I probably won’t grab this day one as I have a few games that I am really enjoying at the moment.  And you know, time and other games.  If I end up getting the platinum in Destiny 2, I can see Burnout Paradise becoming my mindless bit of fun game of choice very quickly.  Either way, I will definitely be picking it up for a bit of fun though!

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4 thoughts on “Burnout Paradise Remastered is coming mid-March!”

  1. Yeah, I can see you liking the Showtime mode then based on that 🙂 You basically crash, then can bounce around into as much as possible to cause the maximum damage possible. If you hit a bus, that becomes a score multiplier as well!

    Found a quick YouTube video if you would like to give it a look – Random link but shows the mode quickly to give you an idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9v5JwcQBEg

  2. Well, it’s racing for a start. Plus there are no levels so you can pick which style you prefer. And it looks like running into things is not necessarily a bad thing. Not sure about the open world thing though.

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