Bungie brings Solstice of Heroes event with Moments of Triumph

Will this Solstice usher in Summer or Winter for the Forsaken expansion?

As previously mentioned, I left the original Destiny pre-DLC.  While I have enjoyed the return to Destiny 2 (mainly because of playing with friends), my enthusiasm has started waning.

The gaming news has been proclaiming heavily about Destiny 2 players being unhappy and ‘leaving in droves’, but I am back in a position where my main gaming partner Harls is currently enjoying Europe for a couple of months so I have been largely playing alone.  This extended leave couple with the large(ish) investment in Forsaken to ‘Complete’ Destiny 2 has had me wondering if I will play at all come September.

On Bungie Day (July 7th), they announced the Solstice of Heroes special event that includes the Moments of Triumph.

The Moments of Triumph are essentially lifetime play achievement awards, with four possible ranks leading to different rewards.

Most are in-game items, including a special Ghost, Sparrow and emblems.  One of the most interesting is the second reward – the ability to unlock the ordering of a special t-shirt from Bungie.  Yep – one reward is to give Bungie more money.

Destiny 2 Triumph Rewards
Some new rewards for lifetime play achievements are part of the Solstice of Heroes Event

While this might sound bad, I have to admit it’s not something I am against.  Yes you pay for a shirt no one else can get, but it’s a real reward for in-game achievements.  It’s also the second reward, and one you don’t have to claim.  If this was the ultimate reward, I might call paying for other than postage a bit on the nose, but this isn’t the case here.

Another bonus (well, to me) is that because it’s lifetime achievements, players that have actually done ‘everything’ in Destiny 2 will already be working to their level 3 reward.  Even someone like me, a largely casual player, have already achieved the first reward!

It's actually easy to see what you have or haven't yet done, and even includes checklists!

If you want to see how you are doing before the Solstice of Heroes officially launches at the end of the month, check out your profile page on Bungie.net here.

But while the Moments of Triumph may seem the main reward, this is not the case.  In fact, because the Moments are ‘lifetime’ achievements, it’s only the reward for what you have already done (or can grind through before August 28th).

The real achievement grind prior to Forsaken’s release in September is the new level 400 prestige raid gear.  Already the ‘best’ armour and equipment in the game, now you can beat the current level cap of 385 before the expansion.

Raids are something I enjoy but get to do rarely, so I don’t have a complete set of any of the goodies just yet.  But to have the ability to get the jump on power levels before an expansion is a huge opportunity – just ask anyone that tried an escalation protocol on day one.

There is new special Raid armour to grind for during August

Harls is still away until possibly halfway through the Solstice of Heroes event, and the other people I might be able to play with have yet to finish the original story campaigns.

I have a clan with some great people that hopefully I can coordinate some time playing with, but this is going to be a slog.  I am definitely interested in seeing what else the Solstice of Heroes event brings.  There are a lot of ‘Redacted’ entries in how to gain points for the Moments of Triumph.

There are still 165 points 'missing' to get to the event max of 400.

But will I buy Forsaken?

Only time will tell.

Until next time,

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