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Crossfire Review

Social Deduction games are great, but need a lot of players and can lead to a lot of downtime for players eliminated early. What about a Social Deduction game for 10 players that can be played in 5 minutes? And can be played in two very different game modes? Let me introduce you to Crossfire

Onirim Review

Blind spots in your habits are strange things, aren’t they? Onirim is a game I am so used to playing when I can’t make up my mind, that I simply assumed I had already reviewed it. Today, I correct that oversight.

Lords of Waterdeep Review

Dungeons and Dragons has you as an adventurer completing quests for mysterious entities. But what if you could be the one hiring the adventurers? That’s where Lords of Waterdeep comes in. Hire adventurers, forward your goals, and make sure that no one can pick exactly what you are trying to accomplish.