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We all love getting surprises.  Well, nice surprises 🙂

And Board Game Bento loves surprising you!  It works out well!  From USD$50 a month, Board Game Bento will send you USD$80 worth of games to a fixed theme.

Alpal has decided to give them a try after we talked about it a few times.  Being US only means adding shipping, but it will be interesting to see what the next 3 months holds.

Board Game Bento is signing off 🙁

After just really starting to come around to it, Alpal got some bad news about Board Game Bento last week

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Board Game Bento – Out of This World

Alpal takes a look at her second Board Game Bento subscription box. Read on to see if it is an improvement on the last one.

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Board Game Bento – June 2018 – Art & Anarchy

A board game subscription box?
As the first part of a three-month trial, Alpal takes a look at her first delivery from Board Game Bento. What games are included and are they worth the price of admission?

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