Board Game Bento is signing off :(

Unfortunately, it’s coming to an end

After talking about Board Game Bento a few times, Alpal decided to give them a go. If you aren’t familiar with Board Game Bento, check out Alpal’s thoughts on the latest box!  But the concept is simple – for a fixed price, each month you are sent a selection of mystery board games to play.

With both of us having a rather large gaming library, we both had the same misgiving – what if we already have the games in the box?  But after hearing me recommend it to others, Alpal was intrigued and liked the idea of getting games she may not have thought to get.

And so a three-month trial was started, with two boxes down the success has been mixed.

But unfortunately, a letter has been received by Alpal that Board Game Bento is shutting down the subscription service.

This can make sense from a business point of view, but it is unfortunate in any event.  I am guessing part of the problem was getting the news of the product to its target audience.  Local gaming shops, for the most part, aren’t going to recommend essentially buying games from someone else, even if it is cheaper.  Gamers like myself with a large library (not to mention having to pay overseas shipping) are worried about spending big money on games we already have – it’s a bit of a hit and miss scenario.

Board Game Bento Plans
It's unfortunate, but Board Game Bento is closing down.

But even as Alpal was starting to get keen (we can’t wait for the current High Seas pirate themed box!), it has all come to an abrupt end.

As mentioned in the letter, the site will still be operating and past boxes are available for sale, so check out the shop and grab yourself some great deals!

But until then, to everyone at Board Game Bento and the publishers that helped support them, thank you for a great idea that bought new games to people, and we hope that everything works out for you.

Thanks again,

Alpal and JohnHQLD
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