Blizzard is working on Diablo something – all is right with the world

It really doesn’t mean much by itself, but yay anyway

Blizzard has been entertaining myself and others for decades.  My first Blizzard game was before Blizzard was even Blizzard.  It was a puzzle type platformer with multiple characters called The Lost Vikings.  Published by Interplay and developed by Silicon & Synapse, it was a game that began the tradition of their game costing me a lot of hours.

The main franchise to do this for me was Diablo.  The first was fun, but Diablo II was the first game that I carried a save across three new computers – I just kept coming back for one more run.  And one more area.  Maybe this boss, then I will call it a night.

Diablo III is a disc sitting next to my PS4 that I will go back and ‘finish’.  Trophy wise I only need to do the grinding run stuff, then I will platinum it.  And it will be done before the next Diablo.  Because it’s Blizzard – the next Diablo could still be 10 years away.

But that hasn’t stopped a couple of job opening from appearing on Blizzard’s job pages.

It's official(ish)

By themselves, the job postings mean nothing.  Blizzard is not afraid to start and scrap a game because they don’t like where it is heading, as people that waited for Diablo III and Starcraft: Ghost can attest to.

But they are working on it.  There will be another Diablo story in some form.  And this makes me happy 🙂

The fact that I thought a Dungeon was part of the Environment so both could be done by the same person is probably a good reason for me not to apply 😀 But what about you?  Are you someone that can help shape Diablo in the future?

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Oh, and because E3 is starting soon and every time I think of cancelled Blizzard games I think of Starcraft: Ghost, here is the 2003(!) E3 trailer.  Enjoy!

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