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Some people would call this News I suppose.  For me, it really is just whatever grabs my fancy, and probably not the most timely of announcements.  So Bits of Interest it is 🙂

Heading through The Grimm Forest, I found a nice surprise.

The Grimm Forest, a project I backed for a bit of fun and a youngling friendly option, arrived last night. Thank you Tim Eisner and the crew at Druid City Games for a lovely little surprise.

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The Reviews are coming!

So it’s no surprise that I was going to do formal reviews of my games. But what was I thinking of doing?

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The retro train is here! A new retro console – the C64 mini

Nintendo started a real thing with the retro console thing. And now I can add a third console to my collection – the venerable Commodore 64. The C64 mini is now available for preorder!

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But I thought that cheaters never prospered? Wrong again!

What do you do when the world doesn’t play Monopoly the right way? You bring out the Cheaters Edition that’s what!

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So who noticed the weird menu item? Did you?

So you may have noticed there is a little menu item that might not make sense. But what else do you call the ramblings of an old man? I think JohnHQLD’s Blatherings is a good description!

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