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Some people would call this News I suppose.  For me, it really is just whatever grabs my fancy, and probably not the most timely of announcements.  So Bits of Interest it is 🙂

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Final Season is being finished by Skybound

A couple of weeks ago, Telltale Games shocked the world by shutting its doors for good. Their last series ‘The Walking Dead: The Final Season’ has been confirmed as finding someone to finish the series. Now if only the ex-employees can get some good news.

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So you have seen the reviews for Onitama, how about a free game?

Onitama is a great two-player experience and a cheap game to boot. But if you want to know how to play and if you would like it for cheap, how about a free app of the game?

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X-COM 2 War of the Chosen is getting new story missions and an editor!

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen is getting some new content in the form of the Tactical Legacy Pack. This limited time free content includes new Story Missions and possibly even more exciting new skirmish missions with challenges – and it’s all yours from October 9th.

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Space Goat seems to have gone back to space?

Well, Space Goat is just gone. No Kickstarter updates, no Facebook updates, convention booth space rented to others, websites down – where’s Dog the Bounty Hunter when you need him?

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Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. dates announced – and it’s really early access?

Fallout 76 has a preorder bonus – Access to the Break It (early) Test Application. But as it’s only 2 weeks before the live date, is there time for anything more than fine tuning?

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