Bits of Interest

Some people would call this News I suppose.  For me, it really is just whatever grabs my fancy, and probably not the most timely of announcements.  So Bits of Interest it is 🙂

June 2021 Highlights

You can really tell when I get busy. New games coming out? That’s nice. I am aware of them on the outside, but it takes a lot to grab my attention. Luckily June has some titles releasing that has managed to land as highlights for me!

May 2021 Highlight

It’s coming up to a busy time for me, and I am much more selective on what I am excited about this time of year. Some people may be surprised at games that haven’t excited me in the May releases.

April 2021 Highlights

April is a strange month for what has caught my attention. A PlayStation 5 launch announcement is releasing, as well as a new version of an N64 staple. There will likely be much more than I have jotted down today, but as there is little confirmed on that front, right now it doesn’t exist in my world.

March 2021 Highlights

March seems to be a month of a lot of my old favourites getting some TLC in various ways. Remasters, sequels, new platforms – in one way or another, I will be able to play some old favourites or play them on a platform I couldn’t before. What do I mean? Well you will have to check out my March Highlights to see!

Willy’s Wonderland – This movie shouldn’t be as good as it is

Saturday I took a rest day after a long week. Lucky for me, Saturday was also the release for the Nicolas Cage film Willy’s Wonderland. After watching the trailer, I decided that I had to sit back and enjoy some B grade goodness. What Rabbit and I experienced was not the mindless laugh we were expecting, but a surprisingly enjoyable (but still B grade) film that I can see becoming a cult classic.