Beat Saber PSVR is out and it’s amazing!

Beat Saber is on PlayStation, and now I know why it took so long!

A while ago I took the plunge and bought the HTC Vive.  One of the games I was keen to get into was Beat Saber – basically Guitar Hero with Light Sabers.  Really, do you need more of a reason?

Now I enjoy Beat Saber, but playing in my study is fun, but hard.  I need more room than is available, and I have to hold back.  But the announcement of Beat Saber coming to PSVR was made a while ago, and we have been waiting.

And waiting.

But that wait is over, and it’s here.  And it’s AMAZING.

Now I can play in my lounge room where I have so much more space, without having to move my desktop or VR gear.  And that wait we had?  It’s now VERY apparent what was happening behind closed doors.

Beat Saber PAXAUS
Ahhh Beat Saber. Angel Voices Hard with no walls was great! Best overheard comment - "it's not as easy as he makes it look"

There is a full review coming on Tuesday, but that will be when the Black Friday sales are over – and there are some nice savings on the PSVR hardware.

If you are on the fence on VR at all – let this sway you.  The experience matches the PC version perfectly, and tracking has not been an issue for any session I have played.

Normally when I play ‘stand up’ VR games after about 40-50 minutes I start getting weird bugs where tracking just drifts off independent of what you are doing.  Beat Saber, with it’s far more rapid movement than any other VR game I play on PSVR, has this nailed – even on the base PS4.  No pro required here!

New songs, new game modes, new play modifiers – it’s all here, and it’s a great time.  PC owners don’t worry – all of these changes are ‘coming soon’, with the buzz this week!  Expert+ is on the way (for you freaks that can play like that!).

So yes, overall a glowing review will be coming Tuesday, but if you were thinking of getting yourself a treat or looking buy something for the PlayStation owner for the holidays – do it.  Take advantage of the sales and grab the PSVR.  There are already some really great games out there, but this is a game that is instantly fun!

Until tomorrow,

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