Beat Saber PSVR Finally has a release date!

Beat Saber Upstairs, Beat Saber Downstairs

So I have written a few times on Beat Saber and why I enjoy it so much.  This is close to the perfect VR entry game, and one of the primary reasons I bought a HTC Vive.

Well this morning on Twitter, there was some good news for people waiting for the PSVR version:

PlayStation VR is without a doubt the best selling VR hardware to date, and the fun of Beat Saber seems a natural fit.

The developers have been working on this for ages even delaying PC content to make sure the PlayStation experience is at least on par with the Vive and Occulus experiences, and at long last we finally have a shipping date – and it’s about 2 weeks away!

With the exception of Pokemon Let’s Go coming out next week, I see Rabbit downstairs playing on the PlayStation while I play upstairs on the Vive where there isn’t as much space.

So I will still have the PAX Aus memory of playing to compare the PSVR experience!

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