Battletech is almost here!

Can’t get through?  Build bigger mechs

My first experience with the Battletech universe was Mechwarrior when I was much younger than I am now.  Mechwarrior came out in 1989, I remember playing it in 1990 when my family got a PC powerful enough to play it.  Instead of being a soldier running around a battlefield, you piloted building-sized robots and blew up other robots.  Back then it’s all I needed to know.

This screenshot will give you an idea of what cutting-edge 3D graphics looked like in 1989.

Mechwarrior 1989
14 year old me couldn't get over the level of detail in this game

I had seen the name Battletech on things, but I didn’t care about it.  I wanted Mechwarrior.  I wanted to blow up bigger and bigger things – that was my only requirement.

Then came Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries.  I got exactly what I wanted.  There was some Inner Sphere story stuff that was getting in the way of me building my Mechs and shooting things though.

Later on the second playthrough, I started paying attention to the story, but that got cut short by life and a few other things.

Bigger and Meaner in so much 3D glory

One of the things that got in the way was a game called Mechcommander.  I still had heaps of Mechs at my disposal, but now I was in the command chair rather than the cockpit.  I now knew about the Battletech universe, and Mechwarrior being one small aspect to it.  But I had what I loved, and I was hooked!

Planning squads and tactics was vital to keep your team alive
Amazingly detailed graphics let you watch your team ambush other Mechs like this

But all that changed over the years.  There were some other Mechwarrior and Mechcommander games, but I just kind of moved on for some reason.  I don’t think there was anything specific, I just kind of wandered away.

Then in 2015, a Kickstarter caught my eye.  Somehow.  I never do anything with Kickstarter as you know.

The first thing I saw was the title – Battletech.  Something triggered in my mind like I kind of knew it but couldn’t remember?

Then I opened the project, and saw this:

The Kickstarter Banner as is stands today

Then the memories all came flooding back.  Looking through the project, there were just so many positives for me to see.

First – it was being run by Harebrained Schemes.  Apart from having one of my favourite company names ever, they did the amazing Golem Arcana board game.

Secondly – and the clincher – they have Jordan Weisman on board.  The creator of the Battletech universe was bringing it back!

Now, at long last, the wait is over.  I have my Steam key and waiting for the preload.

April 25th, I will be able to once again command squads of Mechs and stamp the universe with my will.

Check it out on Steam or!

Until next time!

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