Asmodee announces new endevours with Asmodee Entertainment

When just the board game isn’t enough to tell your story

So as some of you may know, Asmodee is basically well on the path to becoming the new Hasbro.  They have had a couple of bumper years acquiring many developers and publishing companies, the last of which being Mayday Games.

They do not seem to be content as ‘just’ a board games company though.  October last year saw the announcement of Fantasy Flight Interactive.  This new division of Fantasy Flight is dedicated to creating video game titles based on the worlds of their games, but not as digital board games.  Imagine playing a first-person interactive Arkham Horror adventure for example.  Heading Fantasy Flight Interactive is Tim Gerritsen, a video game development veteran.  Tim has been a studio director for Irrational Games as well as CEO of Human Head Studios, so Asmodee is definitely taking this endeavour seriously.

Fantasy Flight Interactive wasn’t shocking news in and of itself though.  There are a few tabletop properties that have transitioned to video game franchises of their own with varying degrees of success, so it was an interesting bit of news.

Yesterday though Asmodee announced another new company – Asmodee Entertainment.  This new company is being headed by Games Workshop veteran Andy Jones, and Darren Kyman.  Kyman has decades of experience with many productions for companies like Sony, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, and even Angry Birds own Rovio Entertainment.

Now, this looks like a strange pairing, but the mission of Asmodee Entertainment isn’t more games development.  Asmodee Entertainment is focused on bringing he many Asmodee franchises into new media realms.  Comics, graphic novels, TV shows, even feature films are all targets for this new company.

This isn’t exactly new territory for Asmodee.  The Android novels for example while basic are still enjoyable reads, and I am keen to read some of the Arkham Horror novelisations at some point.  TV shows though could be interesting, especially given the huge variety of material they can pull from.

T.I.M.E. Stories weekly adventures?  The many Arkham Horror possibilities?  Legend of the Five Rings sagas?

Personally, I think the first few offerings will be novels and graphic novels, simply due to time and cost of producing video media.  But it will be interesting to see if these take off, and bring even more gamers into the tabletop fold.  Asmodee definitely seems to be bringing in the right people to do a proper job.

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