Arsenal the Transforming Deck Box and Playmat now live on Kickstarter

A novel idea that will be great for some

Anyone that plays deck builder games like Magic: The Gathering and Android: Netrunner will know the delicate balance of storage and transportation.  Deck boxes are fine, but you usually need a deck box, a component case for dice and tokens, and a playmat.  That’s a lot to carry around.

Well, Chris Lin has decided to tackle the issue head-on and designed himself a truly all in one deck box in the form of Arsenal.

At first glance, Arsenal looks like any other a chunky deck box.  Then you see the playmat come out, and eyebrows will raise.

Yes, it’s a chunky deck box.  But for most card games, it really is all you will need to pack and carry to play.

Because the playmat is between two deck boxes, these boxes are attached to the play area and become handy access storage trays while you play.

Click to see the playmat unfold! (Animated GIF).

Now I often get eye rolls and teased about sleeving a lot of my games and using playmats.  I have big sausage fingers – picking up some cards from some surfaces isn’t that easy!  Plus playing some games in pubs where the tables are sticky can lead to damage.

Some people are nodding with me, knowing these feelings.  Others are thinking along the lines of “Well it’s not a problem for me.”  For the latter, the idea behind the Arsenal probably has little appeal.  But for the former group, this is a great idea that I think a large percentage will seriously consider the Arsenal.

Everything you need is at your fingertips

It’s hard to really get excited about a deck box, and that really is all the Arsenal is – a clever deck box.  But if you travel a lot with your games, finding a travel storage solution is a real thing for many of us.

I haven’t backed the Arsenal yet.  There are two things holding me back.

  1. I have already gone over budget in July, and need to reign myself back in.
  2. These are expensive.  Including shipping, I am looking at around USD$85 to get one deck box.  And I don’t play competitively much anymore.
Plenty of storage space for dice or tokens, and you get one on each side of the playmat!

If I didn’t think the cost would be worth it to some players, I wouldn’t be talking about the Arsenal on the site.  But to me, you really need to be into your game(s) a lot to invest in a system like this.

A player that takes Star Realms over to a friends place one a month – I don’t think the Arsenal is for you.  A Magic player that wants to be ready for an impromptu game anytime, anywhere?  Step on up, because this will probably be of interest.

If you think this is something that would interest you, check out the Arsenal Kickstarter Page for more information.

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