Another reason why I love Deadpool movie marketing

Why can’t we have nice things like this?  Wait, no, I remember

I love living in Australia.  I really do.  But then I see something like this, and I think “Awwww”.

At the Shinjuku Metro train station, this little bit of Deadpool 2 marketing hype appeared one night:

Deadpool 2 Japan Billboard

It’s a huge Deadpool poster!  Oh, with Domino and Cable obviously.  But Deadpool!  In 3D!

Visitors are encouraged to take a selfie (with assistance) with the Merc with a Mouth, leading to awesomeness like the below:

I want to take a picture with a giant Deadpool giving a thumbs up.  OK, honestly I would then probably edit myself out of the photo, but hey it’s the thought!

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