Another game is coming to the Switch! And it’s Saints Row the Third?

Well if Nintendo wants to show it can be adult, this is the series to do it with a smile!

Way back in 2011, I grabbed this game from Steam that a friend said would appeal to my admittedly warped sense of humour.  I had heard of Saints Row games before, but they were mainly described by the words ‘GTA Knockoff’.

But the player that recommended Saints Row the Third to me does know my gaming habits and what grabs my attention, so I looked at the Steam page.

I had bought the game by the end of the trailer.

Saints Row The Third Trailer

Unfortunately om 2012, THQ went bankrupt.  But the series was kept alive with the even more over the top and just plain wrong Saints Row IV with the help of Volition and Deep Silver.

Well a couple of days ago, Deep Silvers Twitter account showed this little gem:

When I first saw this, I was thinking to myself how it would be fun to fire Saints Row up on the Switch and do a couple of side quests or generally just run around being an annoying character.

Then almost immediately after, I thought to myself “Why the Third?”

Saints Row IV was in a lot of ways the perfect send off to a silly bit of fun.  This would have been the game I would have thought would be first to bring across.  Maybe Saints Row IV is just technically too much for the Switch.

Going back this far Just doesn’t quite click.  Even if the Third is the first game that became ‘fun’ in the series, why go back to the start?  The Saints aren’t exactly retro nostalgia worthy yet.  Could this be a testing of the waters for a Saints Row V?

There is no timeline for when Saints Row the Third will be coming out, but there are two things for certain.

  1. The Switch is getting a crazy library of past games bought to it.
  2. The Australian Classification Board will probably be all over this again, as both 3 and 4 in the series has had to be modified for classification.

I’m going to concentrate on number one for now.  Politics in Australia is just insane at the moment.

Until next time,

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