And now – a question

Reading about games isn’t the same as playing the games.  But what about watching the game?

So the most popular Blatherings so far is the recording of Alpal and I playing Escape the Dark Castle.

I think this had a lot to do with the link from the expansion Kickstarter recently.  But even without the shout out from Themeborne, it is right up there in first time listening numbers.

So when I first tried to do the site a while ago, I had some full playthroughs of Pandemic Legacy Season 1.  I have since taken them down because time and work got on top of me and I couldn’t keep up with the schedule I wanted.  They did OK for a non-advertised YouTube channel – people found them and I got positive feedback overall.

I would like to try and do a playthrough for every reviewed game, but I will have to be selective.  I don’t mind spoiling the first adventure in a series with a video (for example, Legacy of Dragonholt or the first case in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective), because there are plenty of other adventures in the box and it shows how to play.  But a full playthrough of a three-hour game will probably be just too much.  I like to do the full unedited gameplay to show players where the bottlenecks of gameplay are (plus I am a very amateur editor!), but maybe not everyone wants to see this?  Going well, I might even branch out into game rules videos as well, time permitting.

So with all this in mind – is watching gameplay of games something you would like to see us do?  I don’t know exactly who the ‘us’ is yet, but I am sure some of my friends could be coaxed into it 🙂

Let me know in the comments or on Facebook what you think!

Until next time,

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