And my hair has gone to a new home!

The job is done!

I posted a little while ago about donating my hair.

Well, the job is now done, and does it feel different!  When I posted the picture of my long hair, I didn’t realise it was taken almost a year ago.  I have a terrible sense of time.

But the change is done, and the journey looks something like this:

September 2016
March 2018
20190318 Short Hair

Multiple locks have been tied and bagged, and are making their way via Australia Post to the Variety Club now.

It’s been three days with the new cut, and I am still getting used to it.  It didn’t help that I fell ill over the weekend and was lying down most of it though.

The Variety Childrens Charity will be getting my hair

A huge thank you to Kyanne from Kyalicious Hair Makeup and Tanning for taking the time to cut my hair and make everything so simple.

She is an incredibly talented lady, and if you are around the South Brisbane area and want to check out her work you can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and her Website.

If you are in or around South Brisbane, check out Kyalicious! Picture will take you to Facebook page

Apart from being wonderfully supportive and having incredibly good prices, Kyanne also supports sustainable salons as demonstrated by a small sign on display in her work area.

Even if you aren’t donating your hair as I was, the hair that is cut goes to be reused for such things as hair booms helping to clean up oil spills.

It’s another example of a programme I wasn’t even aware of but helps reduce waste in incredibly useful ways.

Until next time,

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