An interesting Sci-Fi Concept for budding storytellers

And then you meet this guy named… Bob…

Many years ago when I first got to play in a game based on the famous Dungeons and Dragons Red Box rules, my love of role-playing games well and truly became a part of me.  Even at that age, I wasn’t overly concerned about the general theme.  To me, Fantasy and Science Fiction are essentially the same setting.  One is based in a world of magical powers, and the other in a universe of magic like technology.

That said, this image still holds an awful lot of positive nostalgia and memories for me!

Dungeons and Dragons Players Manual Cover 1983

As I grew older, I then began to hold my own role-playing adventures.  The internet as it is now was a Sci-Fi fantasy in its own right, so they were variants on different stories I had read and what if scenarios.  In my defence I was about 12, even so, I don’t like thinking of what I put other players through at the time compared to what is available today 😀

And that is where today’s Kickstarter project comes in.  Creating an adventure for other players takes a lot of time, not something everyone has.  While basic plots and characters may be obvious, branches of stories or why certain things happen from a story perspective can be elusive.  This is all before your players look at the proverbial ‘Go in here’ sign and completely ignore it to see what else is happening.

To help with this, these Concept decks can be a great tool for beginner or veteran storytellers alike.  While they won’t exactly create a story for you, the inspiration for a character name or motivation is only a card pull away.  These cards can be used in a game to come up with some on the spot filler information, or used as a reference when crafting the adventure as prompts or lookups.

There is also the added benefit of being actual playing cards if you decide to play something else!

The three card decks – one each for Characters, Planets and Locations – can be a great help to anyone that needs that little bit of a push.  I have never spoken to the creators before, but they previously had a Fantasy set as well I am sure that you would be able to get if you were so inclined as well.

If this sounds great but the idea of the physical cards sounds pricey, they have a data slate level pledge where you get the digital files for you as well.

Check out the Kickstarter page here for more information.

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