About JohnHQLD

Hey there!  Welcome to JohnHQLD.  It’s great that you have found us!

I have been playing games in many forms for a long time.  A LONG time.  I recently found out I am older than Tom Vasel.  I will be honest – that was not a great discovery :p

Seriously though, I have lived in many places and had many different jobs.  I have had a fairly broad range of experiences, and like everyone highs and lows in my life.

I am making this site for a few reasons.

  1. I need to make more time for games.  I know, you shouldn’t have to ‘make time’ for your hobby, but parents for example will know exactly what I mean.  I literally acquire new games faster than I can play them and have for over a year.  That’s not intended as a brag, but a statement of fact.  Kickstarter is awesome, but the projects definitely all seem to come at once!  Another reason is living in Australia, there is usually a huge lull in releases making it here then about 20 games all come out at once.  While I can play the new games only, there still needs to be time for the games I already own!
  2. Semi-regularly hosting game nights I have a lot of people asking me my thoughts on games.  Sometimes those opinions change based on time or even the game that we just played, so this is a way to stop and really analyse and journal what I think about my games.
  3. You know when you have a large collection, you honestly look at something you got a while ago and just can’t remember it?  Yes, this site will also be my own games notes!

And why am I telling you all this?

Because reviews can only help if you know the reviewer.  This doesn’t mean you really know about me yet, but hopefully you have a good understanding of my motives.  When you read or listen to one of my reviews, I am hoping to put forward as balanced an opinion as I can.  From here, I am hoping to hear your thoughts and together build a valuable resource for people to refer to for information on games going forward.

And on that note, have a great time, look around, and don’t forget to leave a comment here or on Facebook and let me know what your thinking!

Until next time,




  • Each game reviewed on the site is my personal copy.  Any review copy or loaned games will be declared as such at the start of each article.
  • If you would like your product discussed/reviewed, I am open to discussing receiving review copies (or prototypes for crowdfunded items) for review/preview purposes.  As per the previous point, these will be declared as such.  My criteria for agreeing to such an arrangement will be 1) my personal interest in the game and 2) available time to give the product a fair run through.  However, I will always publish my final thoughts on such items, and I will assume this is fully understood and accepted.  Bottom line, I always reserve the right to publish a negative review if I feel it is deserved.
  • I am not receiving any income or any other form of compensation in the creation, hosting or articles written for this site (including Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter).  When videos become more common, I fully intend to continue using YouTube as a host and not monetizing the videos (i.e. not running ads on my videos).  If this changes, I would rather not use ad revenue to build the site but look at a subscription service such as Patreon or Drip.
    Why talk about this here?  Because I need you guys to tell me if there are any ads appearing on my site or videos!  If ads magically start popping up, it could be my site being hacked or YouTube adding things they shouldn’t, and I will correct this as soon as possible.