A LOT of Game Bundle Print and Play Kickstarter

Why try to pick just one big game when you can get a heap of smaller ones for less?

Print and Play gaming is a strange concept for some gamers. For some, there is a stigma of Print and Play games being ‘incomplete’. For others, they are eagerly sought out as novel experiences. On Kickstarter now, Radosław Ignatów has put together the A LOT of Game Bundle, a collection of Print and Play games that I think will be a great way to test the PnP waters!

So what is the A LOT of Game Bundle?

The answer is in the question! The A LOT of Game Bundle comprises 5 Print and Play games with different themes and varying mechanics.

What I can’t describe is what the games actually are. For games like this, the rules are basically all you need to make the game yourself, so the rules aren’t available at the moment.

For bigger boxed ‘proper’ games, I usually see this as a worrying sign in a Kickstarter. For a Print and Play game? I see the lack of rules upfront as a sensible precaution, as this is what you are buying.

A LOT of Games Bundle - Games on offer
The main stars of the Kickstarter, but far from all on offer

But there are other games that you can print and see all the rules buying!

Yes, there are. Almost all of these games have a component that you will eventually need to buy for the ‘complete’ experience. Welcome To, and Deep Space D6 are two examples I can quickly think of.

Both of these games give you access to just enough to see what the gameplay is like, and then you buy the ‘full’ game. The A LOT of Game Bundle doesn’t have extra decks or custom dice in the mix, so not putting the rules out to the world seems sensible.

The games have enough of a description to give you an idea of what is on offer

Why are there 2 different bundles?

It took me a minute to work out what I was seeing on the campaign. There is the Basic Bundle, the Duel Bundle, a couple of stand-alone titles, and the all-in pledge.

The Basic and Duel bundles look identical. Same game titles, with a Duel on the end. As near as I can work out, the difference is the rules.

The Basic bundle makes the games ‘multiplayer solitaire’ type games. When playing, you focus on optimising your own score, and the highest score wins.

The Duel bundle changes this up by adding interactions between players. Things like allowing you to put an obstacle on an opponents board, messing with their strategy.

The difference between the bundles is just how you would prefer to play. As for Jurassic Hunt and Ninja Panda, I guess these games are slightly more involved and are being offered separately.

Same game, Two rule variations - at least, that is what I think is happening with the bundles

But why would I back this?

Variety? Something different? This isn’t as straightforward as other crowdfunding highlights. This campaign that has caught my attention is the variety on offer and the apparent effort already invested.

Print and Play games tend to be black and white to conserve peoples ink. If this isn’t done, they are heavily coloured. The first time I print one of these, I will use greyscale, making the designs hard to see sometimes.

It might not seem like much, but the games come in black and white, fully coloured or ‘low colour’ forms. Not options – back the project, and you get all three versions allowing you to print what suits you. And it’s not only the colour palate – there are smaller versions to print multiple boards on a single page.

I have never played a game designed by Radosław Ignatów that I know of. A designer who takes the time to polish the ‘small’ quality of life touches to the player experience displays consideration and thought. Someone who takes the time to think about how a customer can print their game heavily implies a great deal of thought in the actual game design.

For some people, it may not seem a big deal. But once you get into PnP, these options are a blessing

So are you backing the A LOT of Game Bundle?

I am. I have gone all-in. Another benefit to Print and Play is the entry cost low, and 7+ games with variations for less than AU$20 sounds like a deal to me!

In the updates, Radosław Ignatów has mentioned that he will be putting up rules summaries and reviews will be available before the campaign is over. If you have doubts, save the campaign and check it out in the last 48 hours.

But with an expected delivery date of April (easily believable thanks to email delivery), I doubt it will be long before I am talking about these games again.

Until next time,

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