A disturbance in the force…

I have played many RPG systems over the years, but the D&D Red Box still holds a special place in my heart. Even today it’s an iconic product.

These days I am playing a Star Wars RPG campaign as my pen and paper experience. On the whole, I am enjoying the system, but I am not exactly playing the original version of the rules.

What do these two things have in common? It looks like Fantasy Flight is looking at combining Star Wars 30th and the Red Box experience in one with the Anniversary Edition!

This may end up being a nostalgia purchase for me having never picked up the original rules and the idea puts a smile on my face. And you never know when a couple of sourcebooks like this can come in handy!

Star Wars RPG 30th Box Art
A pen and paper classic for the best Star Wars movie to date. Yes, I said it.
Remember - don't let anyone tell you the odds
How many people are going to play a Fett? It happened before!
The options are wide open for you here

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