2022 Plans – Holidays and New Site

2021 is almost over. Time to make 2022 plans!

So the last few months, it’s no secret I have been swamped with work. This has meant that the plans I had for the site have taken a bit of a back seat.

It’s not like I haven’t been able to get in any gaming, but the extra bits and pieces are something I just haven’t had time to get to. I keep thinking I will get to the backlog of stuff I have to do to the site, but it just hasn’t been happening.

So I have made a call. Rather than trying to change things up and squeeze things in, 2022 JohnHQLD.com is basically being rebooted.

A lot of work ahead, but I have plans to make it manageable


Yep. Almost all existing content will be gone. It’s not because I am not proud of everything that has gone up on the site, but because it’s way too much work to redo all of it. I touched on the effort involved back in July, and this is my way of coping.

I have been trying to squeeze in a couple of months of upgrading and updating the site’s back end. If you jump into a lot of the older content, you can tell I haven’t been able to keep up.

So, in 2022, a brand new site will be launching! A clean slate content wise will give me a great way to get back on top of everything.

Starting from scratch can seem like a big task, but sometimes it’s the path of least resistance

Last Week’s Gaming

I really enjoy doing Last Week’s Gaming, and as it’s a gaming diary, it’s not a lot of work to keep up with. So Last Week’s Gaming will stay, but it will likely be renamed. The renaming is because of an extra bit I want to add. 

As well as the written version, I will do Last Week’s Gaming as a weekly podcast as well! It will still be the gaming diary and thoughts format, no changes there. It’s just another way to catch up being put on offer.


If I have reviewed a game already, it will likely make its way back to the ‘new’ site at launch or shortly after. Some I mainly want to tweak how I was structuring the review text. Others might need to be redone entirely as the original images have mostly been lost to hard drive failure. 

Reviews will be coming back, just not super regularly for a little while. I hope to do two new reviews a month eventually – one for board games and one for video games. Many changes are happening in my work life next year, so I can’t plan around anything at the moment.

Are Crowdfunding previews coming back?

Not the way I used to do them. With changes in the Kickstarter site, getting summaries of new projects isn’t as easy as it used to be. My wallet has appreciated this, as I haven’t been backing multiple new projects.

While my project backing has decidedly slowed down, I am still backing a few things. When I back something (or am sorely tempted), I will post about the project.

So yes, Crowdfunding previews are coming back, just not on a regular schedule.

Anything else?

Occasionally I might do a piece on something that I feel passionate about. It could be directly about gaming or gaming adjacent. With everything else planned, these would be very irregular articles. But they will be making a return.

Talking Tech, I decided to start when I was drowning in work and when tech availability pretty much evaporated. While it might reappear someday, it probably won’t appear on JohnHQLD.com.

Gaming challenges I might keep, I might not. I think it’s fair to say I aimed way too high this year. Something will happen with this though, I just don’t know exactly what.

Anything else currently in the archives or contemplated I would love to revisit at some point, but no promises. 

The archives may be stowed away, but they aren’t thrown away

So how is all this going to happen?

So I will be taking my usual Holiday break, probably around mid-December to early January. Once the break kicks in, JohnHQLD.com will become a countdown to the new JohnHQLD.com in all its shiny new glory!

There will be more confirmed dates coming later this year, but for now, I just want to let you know what is happening.

Thank you again for sticking with me over the years, and I hope the new format and additions is something you are looking forward to as much as I am!

Until next time,

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